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Name: Red Hood (real name: Jason Todd)
Gender: Male
Birthplace: USA
Hair: Black
Eyes: Blue
Occupation: Costumed vigilante
Abilities: Acrobatics, hand-to-hand combat, immortality, weaponry and lethal force
Official Team: Lazarus
Debut: Batman: Under the Hood
Voice Actor: Jansen Ackles

Jason Todd was originally the second Robin, until he was brutally murdered by The Joker. Ever since his resurrection, Jason became cynical and started abandoning the same moral code Batman holds against killing. Now as a violent vigilante, Red Hood prefers dealing with criminals through gruesome and lethal measures.

Special Moves:
*Desert Eagles: Red Hood shoots his opponent twice with the Desert Eagle pistols.
*The Outlaw: He lunges forward to stab his opponent with a knife multiple times.
*Razor Batarang: He throws a rzor-sharp batarang a la Batman at his opponent.
*Grenade Throw: He throws a grenade at his opponent, leading to a quick boom.
*Grappler: He fires his grappler at the opponent and drags him/her towards him.
*Mad Skills: He jumps around his opponent, shooting at him/her, to the other side.

Super Moves:
*Fire Slash: Red Hood heats up his knife and begins to to do a series of slashes at his opponent.
*Flash Bang: Red Hood throws a flash bang at his opponent, causing an explosion that not only damages him/her but also stuns him/her.

Neo Max:
*Under The Red Hood: Red gets out his electric batons and electrocutes him/her. He then gets his Desert Eagles and shoots him/her with each one. As the opponent falls down, Red Hood gets out a crowbar and rapidly beats him/her 'til he finishes by throwing the opponent up and whacking him/her with the crowbar onto the camera screen like a baseball bat.

(Red Hood points one of his Desert Eagles at a kneeling-down Freeman from behind.)
Red Hood: "Well, whaduya say, scum?"
Freeman: "You can kill me if you want, but I will be back! You can never stop me."
Red Hood: "Not when I put a bullet through your brain."
(Right before Red Hood shoots him, Batman runs to him to stop what he's doing.)
Batman: "Jason! What the hell are you doing?!?"
Red Hood: "Batman, I'm sick of you always getting in my way, preaching to me about how it's wrong to kill!"
Batman: "But killing in general IS wrong, no matter how evil that person you're killing may be!"
Red Hood: "He's a freakin' serial killer, just like The Joker!"
Batman: "I know Freeman is a cold-blooded serial killer who deserves to be punished in some way for his murders, but killing him will not make you any better. This is why I will never kill The Joker. I might end up as just another murderer like he is. Please, Jason. Don't pull that trigger."
Red Hood: "*sigh* Fine."
(Red Hood, pretending to follow Batman's idea and not kill, goes ahead and kills Freeman with a crowbar to the head, knocking him out with a bloodied face. Batman is shocked in horror.)
Batman: "Noooo!"
Red Hood: "Relax! I just bludgeoned him into unconsciousness! He won't be killing anymore innocent people."
Batman: "But you killed him!"
Red Hood: "Shut up!"

*Regular Costume: …how he always looks
*Another Costume: Loosely based on The Joker's Red Hood
*Battle Intro: Red Hood cocks one of his handguns, puts it back to his holster, and gets out his knife.
*Winning Pose: Red Hood twirls his knife around his hand.
*Victory Pose: A motorcycle happens to be present in the victory animation; Red Hood turns away from his defeated opponent and hops onto his motorcycle, only to ride off of the scene.

Quotes/Special Quotes:
see Pre-Fight Conversations for Red Hood's special intro quotes

Intro Quotes:
-"This will be quick and painful."
-"Time to meet your maker in Hell!"

Winning Quotes:
-"You are a joke!"
-"That was easy."

Victory Quote:
-"I'm going back to more important things in life."

After-Match Quotes:
-(general) "You bought it upon yourself, you fool. Just be lucky I didn't kill ya!"
-(general) "Carnage is my brand of justice, and I'd appreciate ti if you stay out of it."
-(vs. Ai/Athena/Kula/Luise/Nakoruru/Yuki/Yuri/Zatanna) "Don't worry. I would never slaughter a sweet thing like you. But then again..."
-(vs. Ash/Heat WaveIori) "So you fight with fire, eh? Well I fight fire with guns. How about that?"
-(vs. Atomic Guy) "There's always this saying, the bigger they are, the harder they fall. Just don't trinkle your blood around me on your way down."
-(vs. Bane) "I'm gonna find this Venom production and I'm gonna shut it down for good!"
-(vs. Batman) "This is the result of your wimpy no-killing philosophy, Bruce! You failed to avenge me by killing The Joker!"
-(vs. Black Canary/Huntress/Katana) "Nothing spells victory like a barbequed bird of prey!"
-(vs. Billy) "If you want me to leave you alone, don't be a street punk, don't serve criminal masterminds, and DON'T ABANDON YOUR DAMN SISTER!"
-(vs. Brainiac) "Aww, what's the matter? Your brain cells aren't functioning? Let me take of that for you..."
-(vs. Catwoman) "Do me a favor and tell Batman to stop always chickening out over killing."
-(vs. Choi & Chang) "I hope you two are still learning from Kim to be good people. Otherwise, I'll have to kill ya'!"
-(vs. Clark/Fio/Marco/Ralf/Tarma) "Your so called "military weapons" are nothing more than child's play! My guns can are more effective than your bull!"
-(vs. Darkseid) "I have to hand it to Bruce for putting you out of your misery through lethal means."
-(vs. Deathstroke/Genjuro/Haohmaru/Kaede/Moriya) "It's gonna take more than blades to put me down!"
-(vs. Doomsday) "You lowlife sack of crap... you murder... I'll kill you... Superman style!"
-(vs. Earthquake) "Look, pal! I don't wanna be no crook. I'm just gonna boost what it takes to survive."
-(vs. Eiji) "Someone tell me I'm not having pointless chit-chat with some underdog assassin."
-(vs. Green Arrow) "So it's become clear to me. Bullets always beat arrows."
-(vs. Grifter) "Hey buddy! You and I have a lot in common."
-(vs. Harley Quinn) "Don't waste your love for The Joker! He's just a common criminal not worth a second chance!"
-(vs. Huntress) "Never get tired of watching you do Gotham a big favor."
-(vs. Janne) "Good god, you always act like such a n annoying lovestruck pest! I want to stay far away from you right now."
-(vs. Joker) "No more sending you to jail over and over again! You deserve death for what you've done to me!"
-(vs. K') "Finally, you actually approve of what I do for a living! Take that, Batman!"
-(vs. Killer Croc/Killer Moth/Poison Ivy/Riddler) "You and your like-minded brethren are the reason Gotham is not safe. Batman may spare your life, but I wont."
-(vs. Kim) "You and I both have reasons for hating criminals. You should at least get your hands dirty every now and then."
-(vs. Lex Luthor) "If Superman was more like me, he would've ripped you to pieces with his bare hands by now!"
-(vs. Mudman) "Your mask scares the living crap out of me! I don't know why but it does."
-(vs. Nightmare Geese) "You're a crimelord! You're suppose to be dead a long time ago!"
-(vs. Nightwing) "If only you would take a criminal's life, you wouldn't have been so weak."
-(vs. Orochi) "A multi-headed snake monster able to take a human disguise as some albino pretty boy? Am I living in H.P. Lovecraft's world or something?"
-(vs. Ra's al Ghul) "Thanks for the Lazarus boost, man. I needed to do something Bruce Wayne will never do."
-(vs. Ralf) ""Whoa! You're real terrifying, girl! You know that, right?"
-(vs. Raven) "I feel badd for ya. I'd love a dark and mysterious type of woman. Better luck next time... or not."
-(vs. Robert/Ryo) "Ever tried something called gun-fu? What's the point in using that dumb fighting style but never learn to use a weapon?"
-(vs. Rock) "I don't blame ya' that your father was an evil man, especially since he never cared about you or your mother. He'll get what he deserves, trust me."
-(vs. Scarecrow) "You know, everyday is a fresh horror. Every memory is a nightmare. Even when it's either me alone of my friends... there's a freak in a mask sitting in the corner laughing his ass off. At us."
-(vs. Starfire) "Why do you wanna hang out with someone like that pansy Dick Grayson? You know you should have the real deal with Arsenal."
-(vs. Superman) "Day after day, you would preach to someone about how it's bad to kill, even if it's against evildoers. You're just a sissy boy scout! It's no wonder Bruce is friends with you."
-(vs. Zod) "Even intergalactic criminals like you deserve to have there brains splattered everywhere by me!"
This little edit DLC here is somebody who, as we can all agree, SHOULD'VE been a DLC for Injustice: Gods Among Us!... Uh, anyways, yeah, this here is Red Hood, former Robin turned Punisher-esque vigilante who has no problem with killing evildoers.

Some of you may be asking, "How is he a member of the Lazarus team? Is he even in the League of Assassins?" Well Jason Todd was ressurected through the Lazarus Pit (which the team DLC is named after) so he pretty much belongs there.

*Freeman from Garou: Mark of the Wolves appears as a cameo in Red Hood's ending... which happens to be rather dark compared to all the other characters' endings, only because Red Hood is about to kill Freeman until Batman comes in to whine to Red Hood about how it's bad to kill and then Red Hood decides to bash Freeman's head in with a crowbar, causing him to bleed. And before anyone says, "You just like to piss on Batman's no-killing philosophy, nevermind that oyu actually like the character!", to be honest, I can actually understand Batman's reluctance for killing, if you go through his background and his origin story and the history of the character. But I'd best save the issue on Batman's hatred of lethal force for another subject.
*Did I mention Red Hood should've gotten a chance in Injustice: Gods Among Us? But oh well. Maybe he can be available in an Injustice sequel.

Red Hood 
DC Comics
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