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Name: Grifter (real name: Cole Cash)
Gender: Male
Birthplace: USA
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Brown
Occupation: Marksman
Abilities: Marksmenship, combat skills, healing factor and psionics
Official Team: None
Debut: WildC.A.T.S. #1
Voice Actor: Danny Jacobs

A former Delta soldier, Cole Cash, lived the life of a con man. During one of his moments, he was abducted by an alien race known as the Daemonites. Cole managed to escape with interesting powers such as sensing abilities. He hijacked a plane and killed several Daemonites, unfortunately leading him to being labeled a terrorist. He has become a pariah against both humankind and alien-kind alike. So he donned himself a mask and called himself Grifter.

Special Moves:
*Gun-Totting: Grifter shoots one or two of his guns depending on whether or not the input is done rapidly; can also be done in-air a la Dante.
*Knife Throw: He throws an army knife at his opponent and then it comes back to him like a boomerang.
*Satellite Smash: He telekinetically drags down a satellite which hits the opponent it falls onto.
*Pistol Whip: He, well, pistol-whips his opponent.
*Leaping Gun: He jumps to the other side and while he's in-air, he shoots his guns at his opponent.

Super Moves:
*Hail of Gunfire: Grifter rapidly shoots at his opponents for 3 seconds.
*Psionic Buster: Grifter does a telekinetic equivalent to a Hadouken fireball move where, instead of shooting a fireball at his opponent, he makes a blasting pose with two of his hands that just results in his opponent being knocked far away with extra damage to boot.

Neo Max:
*Heat Packing Psion: Grifter shoots his opponent three times. When that's over, he throws his guns up into the air and telekinetically holds them together. He circles the guns around his opponent for 5 seconds, shooting him/her rapidly, and then lets them go. Before they return to his hands, he uses one of his fists and telekinetically uppercuts the opponent into the air. The guns return to him and he fires away at his aerial opponent for 3 seconds until the opponent hen falls down.

Grifter defeated Brainiac in a grassland and after giving him a telekinetic pounding, he is visited by Athena Asamiya and Sie Kensou who, upon seeing how he handles his psionic powers, wish to have him become a member of the Psycho Soldiers some day.
Grifter: "Won't be able to take over the world now, will ya you son of a-"
Athena: "Hello, sir, what's your name?"
Grifter: "The name's Cole Cash, but you can call me Grifter."
Athena: "We saw you out there. At first I thought you were just some random mercenary until I saw you also have powers that are just like mine and Sie's. My name's Athena, by the way."
Grifter: "Athena? You mean like the Greek goddess of wisdom?"
Sie: "Anyways, have you considered being a Psycho Soldier like us?"
Grifter talks about how cool it would be to if he actually was in that team some day, as well as some mad skills he'd get to show off. We're treated with a dream sequence of Grifter battling the evil forces of Shiguma with his not just his psychic powers, but also his guns.
Grifter: "A Psycho Soldier, eh? You mean someone with psychic powers I assume. That would be a blast."
Shiguma: "I am Shiguma, Ruler of Earth!"
Athena: "Not so fast, Shiguma! We have a new partner who'll put an end to your evil!"
Grifter: "Hey, fire head! I've got a bone to pick with you and your posse! Check out these mad skills."
Shiguma: "After him!"
Grifter: "Not by a long shot!"
Athena and Sie began to regret asking him if he wishes to be a Psycho Soldier upon hearing about what he would do like "busting caps" and "blowing the bad guy's head off" and whatnot, much to Grifter's disappointment.
Athena: "On a second thought, I think it's best if you weren't a Psycho Soldier at all."
Sie: "Yeah, I don't feel to comfortable being around someone who throughly enjoys "busting caps" none stop or blowing anyone's head off."
Grifter: "Oh come on! I would make a totally badass Psycho Soldier like you guys! Wait.. oh well. I guess no one's ready to witness my raw talents and whatnot."

*Regular Costume: His standard outfit as usual, especially in DC Comic's New 52
*Another Costume: An outfit loosely based on Grifter II
*Battle Intro: Grifter throws his guns up in the air and catches them. He holds each gun towards left and right and says "Time to get this party started!" and puts the guns away.
*Winning Pose: Grifter spins his guns like a cowboy and then shoots each gun at the sky once.
*Victory Pose: Grifter throws guns up into the air and each gun flies to the opposite position from one another and he catches the two gun before he crosses his arms with them.

Quotes/Special Quotes:
see Pre-Fight Conversations for Grifter's special intro quotes

Winning Quotes:
-"I can see right through what you'll do next."
-"Oops! I hope I didn't murder anyone?"

Victory Quote:
-"Hell of a good time to get beat by Grifter, huh?"

After-Match Quotes:
-(general) "For the record, anybody who shouts, "Go Wildcats!" gets a boot up their ass!"
-(general) "I gotta admit, when I woke up this morning, I never thought I would get involved in this."
-(vs. Ares/Brainiac/Brother Blood/Catwoman/Darkseid/Deathstroke/Harley Quinn/Joker/Lex Luthor/Lobo/Poison Ivy/Riddler/Scarecrow) "I will never understand you super villains and your fashion accessories. You make the average superhero garb look subtle."
-(vs. Athena) "So it seems I'm not the only one with psionics around here."
-(vs. Batman) "You always have an issue with guns. Why can't you just get over them just because of what happened to your parents?"
-(vs. Black Adam/Green Lantern/Hawkgirl/Killer Moth/Kilowog/Martian Manhunter/Raven/Shazam/Starfire/Superman/Tomar-Re) "What cane I say? I hate heights and I might have impulse control issues."
-(vs. Etrigan) "Back at The Resistance, you weren't such a weakling, especially since you're a demon. Weren't you born to not hold your guard down?"
-(vs. Genjuro) "You've got the highest bounty on your head, partner."
-(vs. Green Arrow) "Your arrows are weak and worthless! The guns are far superior."
-(vs. Huntress) "You think you had it worse when it comes to you killing your foes. I was going to be labeled a serial killer when those "people" I was killing were those damn Daemonites in disguise."
-(vs. Janne/Katana/Shiki/Wonder Woman) "I hate to disappoint you, sweet heart, but chicks with swords don't impress me."
-(vs. Killer Croc) "Never thrown a humanoid crocodile with my telekinesis before."
-(vs. Orochi) "You Daemonites aren't even worth the effort… Wait, you're not a Daemonite?!?"
-(vs. Yuri) "For somebody this young, you sure know how to pack a punch."
:iconrobliefeldplz:This SNK vs. DC Universe character profile has been approved for all viewership by Rob Liefeld.:iconrobliefeldplz: ...OK, I just put that up for the lulz! Now let's get to the real deal here.

For those who may not know, Grifter started off in WildStorm Comics. It was until then that he got retconned by DC Comics, I believe starting with the Flashpoint storyline. He is now part of the DC Universe's New 52.

*Because this is a character with psionic (as in psychic) powers, I decided for his ending, the Psycho Soldiers would be involved in it, since they also have psychic powers like he does.
*In Flashpoint, Grifter was a member of the Resistence, and so was Etrigan. So yeah, there's an after-match quote against Etrigan about the Resistence.

Grifter DC Comics (and WildStorm Comics)
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Given the description, I was expecting him. The again maybe a surprise like a Gen 13 memeber like Fairchild or so.
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