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Name: Aquaman (real name: Arthur Curry/Orin Atlan-son)
Gender: Male
Birthplace: Atlantis
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Blue
Occupation: King of Atlantis
Abilities: Super strength, ability to breathe underwater, swimming and talking to aquatic animals
Official Team: Justice Dudes
Debut: More Fun Comics #73
Voice Actor: Phil Lamarr

Arthur Curry is the offspring of a human father and an Atlantean mother. He grew up to the rightful heir to the throne of an exotic utopia known as Atlantis and as its king, he has sworn to protect this both Atlantis and the surface world against any threats from the deep oceans.

Special Moves:
*Trident Throw: Aquaman throws his trident at his opponent.
*Strike From The Deep: He summons a trident from the deep that attacks his opponent from where he/she is standing.
*Scoop Up: He stabs his opponent with his trident and hurls him/her to the opposite side.
*Aqua Shield: He shields himself in a watery barrier.

Super Moves:
*Trident Madness: Aquaman rapidly strikes his opponent with his trident.
*Water Wave: Aquaman thrusts his trident to the ground and summons a huge ocean wave at his opponent.

Neo Max:
*Wrath of Atlantis: Water starts to fill up the stage and Aquaman jumps to his opponent, impaling him/her  onto his trident and feeding him/her to a passing shark.

Aquaman receives word from one of his consultants of a band of pirates on top of the sea.
Consultant: "Your Majesty, I receive troubling news."
Aquaman: "What is it?"
Consultant: "There are land-dwelling brutes attempting to invade Atlantis for our treasure."
Aquaman: "Pirates are raiding Atlantis? They won't get away with this!"
We are treated with Captain Kidd and his crew plotting to invade the city they just heard of called Atlantis
Capt. Kidd: "Aaarg! How do you think we'll be able to get to the underwater city of Atlantis?"
Pirate #1: "I think some of us can swim like 1,000 meters to the depths of this ocean."
Pirate #2: "Ya think?"
Captain Kidd: "Well here's the deal. You four will get on that sail and one of you have to make it to Atlantis. Do not, and I mean DO NOT, come back without the treasure unless you..."
Aquaman bursts out of Kidd's and starts battling Kidd and his crew.
Aquaman: "Not so fast!"
Capt. Kidd: "YAAARG! Are you an inhabitant of Atlantis?"
Aquaman: "I will not let you raid my city!"
Pirate #3: "He's gonna kill us!"

*Regular Costume: His primary costume as always, especially in New 52
*Another Costume: His Flashpoint costume
*Battle Intro: Aquaman rides on a dolphin and hops off of it before it dives back underwater on the ground.
*Winning Pose: Aquaman twirls his Trident around.
*Victory Pose: Aquaman sweeps a water wave toward the screen, turning the stage into Atlantis before saying "This is the power of Atlantis."

Quotes/Special Quotes:
see Pre-Fight Conversations for Aquaman's special intro quotes

Intro Quotes:
-"I am the king of Atlantis! I answer to no one!"
-"This looks like a job for Aquaman!"

Winning Quotes:
-"I do more than just talk to sea creatures."
-"Almighty Neptune!"

After-Match Quotes:
-(general) "I am no loser, no matter what you've seen of me my imply. I still talk to fish, though."
-(general) "You will now meet the god of Atlantis."
-(vs. Beast Boy/Cyborg/May/Nightwing/Raven/Shazam/Starfire/Yuri) "It is time you grew up and smartened up!"
-(vs. Capt. Cold/Kula) "Don't come to my place with those powers! You'll freeze up Atlantis and we'd all be frozen by now!"
-(vs. Choi & Chang) "Just as long as you two are not out hurting anyone, You are welcome to visit Atlantis."
-(vs. Elta) "I could've sworn for a moment there, you were Neptune."
-(vs. Etrigan) "Not even your hellfire unnerves me! It never translate well in water where I live."
-(vs. Flash) "Forget about speed, Barry. It's not enough to stop me."
-(vs. Heat Wave/Iori/K'/Kyo/Mai) "Fire does not unnerve me because it doesn't translate well in water, where I live."
-(vs. Killer Croc) "No, I will not let you eat any Atlantean flesh!"
-(vs. Lobo) "I hadn't established a Dolphin Lovers club just of yet. So it is best if you were patient about it."
-(vs. Orochi) "You are a false god, Orochi. Neptune will bring you down or sure."
-(vs. Terry) "What's wrong with me communicating with sea creatures? It's like I'm always called out for this."
-(vs. Wonder Woman) "I don't need Poseidon to help me out on this."
That's right, people! It's Aquaman, a.k.a. that superhero who's main power is to talk to fishies and swim in the water. What a dumbass superpower, man...

...No wait! What am I saying?!? F*ck all that bullshit that the Super Friends cartoon taught us about Aquaman! Aquaman's a pretty cool guy! There's more to Aquaman besides just swimming and the ability to talk to fish!

*The above introduction sentence aside, yes, one of Aquaman's listed abilities is "talking to aquatic animals".
*Threw Captain Kidd from World Heroes as the antagonist in Aquaman's ending.
*Related to the introductory and the first note above, yes, even some of his quotes reference his infamy in regards to talking to fish!

Aquaman © DC Comics
MadFacedkid Featured By Owner Sep 24, 2013
I would skip the riding on Dolphins part out, the New 52 suit sounds like a great idea
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