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August 1, 2011
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from the Slender Man Mythos

Costume 1:  You know, the business suit and everything.

Costume 2:  A shadowy all-black version of himself

The Slender Man is a mysterious tall figure from an unknown realm. For centuries, it has been stalking, kidnapping and slaughtering human beings, most of whom were young children, which are his favorite meal. Now it made it's way into Outworld, where the Mortal Kombat tournament takes place. Upon discovering the tournament, it has agreed to participate in it. It's purpose for entering the tournament, of course, is to kill any combatant it faces in this ancient death match and he might even find new people to kill and eat or whatever he does to them.

Special moves:
*Finger Swift: Slender Man swings his hand with all his fingers erect and smacks down his opponent.
*Portal Uppercut: He disappears into the ground and uppercuts his opponent from the ground next to him/her.
*Tentacle Trouble: Similar to Arakune's move from BlazBlue; He summons a portal to the ground under his opponent and a tentacle starts will either squiggle around him/her or grab him/her and starts smashing him/her everywhere.
*Stomp: He stretches his leg while close to his opponent and stomps on him/her.
*Dimensional Shots: He opens a portal close to his opponent and it starts shooting little dark orbs at him/her

X-Ray Move:
Slender Man raises his right hand with two fingers sticking out and stabs his opponent in the eye with them. Then he grabs his opponent with his left hand and squeezes him/her, shattering both arm bones and the ribs, turns his hand upside down and slams his opponent to the ground on his/her head, cracking the cranium.

*Dimensional Murder: Slender Man grabs his opponent, opens up a portal and drags himself with the opponent and begans to brutalize him/her inside that portal, causing blood to fly out of the portal. 5 seconds later, he comes out of the portal holding his mutilated opponent with his right hand and grinning at the screen with bloody teeth, implying that he was eating his opponent.
*Tentacle Slaughter: Slender Man lets out his tentacles and picks up his opponent on the limbs with them. Then he rips the limbs off his opponent with said tentacles.

Baby Slender Man grabs a nearby doll with both his hands and swallows it whole. Then it burps and then shows it's teeth.

Battle Intro:
A portal opens up on the floor and the Slender Man crawls out of the portal that afterwards closes.

Winning Pose:
The Slender Man stares at the screen and releases his tentacles while making creepy noises.

Slender Man's possible realm (complete with the Smile.jpg based monster)
-Stage Fatality: You can throw your opponent at the Smile.jpg creature and it eats him/her.

Despite winning the tournament, the Slender Man felt the need to take away more lives, as if Shao Kahn and some other kombatants it faced weren't enough. It began to invade all other realms and kill inhabitants, starting with the Shaolin Order from Earthrealm. It raided the monastery and started killing and eating all the Shaolin monks in the process. It was then stopped by Liu Kang, who challenged the Slender Man to Mortal Kombat. Unfortunately,  the Slender Man was too invincible for Liu Kang to handle, as It ripped Liu Kang in half during the battle and then continued the unnatural massacre in the Shaolin monastery. No realm has been safe from the Slender Man ever since.
If you wanna know what Slender Man and Smile.jpg are, research them.

Yep, it's Slender Man, the infamous monster/demon/alien/fallen angel/djinn/fairy/whatever... he's an eldritch humanoid... most known on the internet than anywhere else. But since this is an internet memetic character, if he were to be a guest for Mortal Kombat, he might as well strictly be a DLC and so whould his stage (if it's possible for there to be DLC stages). He'd also end up as a joke character like Mokap and Meat, but he definitely won't have so much hatred like Mokap and Meat.

*Being a tall dude, he's as big as Goro and Kintaro, only he's not muscular.
*His stage is based on the smile.jpg image which has a reddish color and a bizzare doglike monster with bug-eyes and human teeth.
*Some of the stuff about him is based on interpretations on him.
*The 2nd costume's description is just an idea of mine.

Slender Man © TEH INTERNETZ!
Mortal Kombat © NetherRealm Studios and Warner Bros
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Netherman14 Featured By Owner Jan 13, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
ask-theangelofsouls Featured By Owner Apr 23, 2014
i prefer crispen freeman
WillieManga Featured By Owner Oct 15, 2014
I imagine Slendy going for a more whispery tone, being an angel of death.
ask-theangelofsouls Featured By Owner Oct 15, 2014
Crispen would also have a calm voice
thunderthehedgehog22 Featured By Owner Dec 4, 2013
He doesn't have a face but he keeps his mouth hidden
demidevi446 Featured By Owner Aug 6, 2013
You do know slender man doesn't have a face right?
sprite-genius Featured By Owner Aug 6, 2013
About the lack of face. When you think about it, whenever an X-Ray move or fatality is performed on Slender Man, the result would be a skull without teeth or eye sockets. At least that's how I envision Slender Man's skeletal system. But then again, Slender Man is very Lovecraftian in nature so his physiology is quite alien.
WillieManga Featured By Owner Oct 15, 2014
Maybe his facial features only appear when he needs them to.
Devindragon Featured By Owner May 18, 2013
I've been planning on making a mk guest character for a while now, and im new to it so how exactly do I do it? I got some ideas for the charrie im planning on using but I've never actually played mk, (too bloody for my taste) so what exactly should i do?
sprite-genius Featured By Owner May 18, 2013
When making an mk guest fighter entry, a guest character must fit into the realistic context of Mortal Kombat. Because MK is a very realistic and edgy series, try to avoid making a GF for a character that is WAY too cutsey and kiddish though you might think up some exceptions as long as you can come up with a way to reimage that character so that he/she would fit in MK's gritty and realistic context. (if you look at the gallery for what guest fighter entries I've done, you'll find that I did a GF for Pit from Kid Icarus but I portrayed him as a young adult and looking like he popped out of a Final Fantasy game). Also, you can bring elements from the character's source material as long as they can be incorporated into being part of the MK lore, but keep in mind that guest fighters are not canon to the MK stories so you can go wild with what you can come up as long as it makes sense.

Mortal Kombat 9 actually has two guest fighters. One is the PS3 exclusive Kratos from God of War. The other is the DLC Freddy Krueger. So hope you can get ideas from those.

I know some examples of what characters you can do guest fighters for: the Xenomorph from Alien or why not the Predator.
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