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Real Name: Anung Un Rama
Gender: Male
Eyes: Yellow
Hair: Bald
Debut: San Diego Comic-Con Comics #2 (1993)
Voice: Ron Perlman


In the year 1944, the U.S. military discovered a demon baby with a stone hand. The boy was given the name "Hellboy" and grew up to be part of the Bureau for Paranormal Research and Defense. Hellboy was originally intended on bring Hell upon Earth but instead fights against the forces of evil, including his own kind. He is the world's greatest investigator of the supernatural.

*Superhuman strength
*Healing factor
*Expert in the supernatural
*Right Hand of Doom
*Fire immunity

*Intro: Hellboy walks into the battlefield with "Good Samaritan" in his hand and says, "Well whadduya know? I'm visiting Batman's world once again."
*Outro: Hellboy walks to his defeated opponent and says, "Damn, know how to pack a punch or two.", throws his opponent up into the air and uppercuts him/her high up out of the picture. He then turns toward the screen, gets out a cigar and light it.

Special Moves:
*Grenade: Hellboy throws a grenade at his opponent.
*Good Samaritan: He shoots his opponent with a gun called the "Good Samaritan".
*Stone Hand: He charges toward his opponent with his Right Hand of Doom.
*Excalibur: He slashes his opponent with a spinning Excalibur sword.
*Ground Bang: He jumps up and pounds his fist onto the ground as he lands, creating a shockwave that hits the opponent.

Character Trait:
*Don't Mess With Hellboy: A multiple-combo move where Hellboy punches his opponent with the Right Hand of Doom.

Super Move:
*Woke Up The Baby: Hellboy takes out his Good Samaritan and he starts by whacking it onto his opponent's head. He then pulls the trigger onlyfor it to emit nothing. Hellboy smirks and says, "Aw, you woke up the baby!",  and takes out the Big Baby  gun and starts shooting away at his opponent. The shot-up opponent falls down on the floor.

When Hellboy was sent to investigate a portal, he embarked on an alternative universe that it led him towards. He found out that the portal he stepped into was done by the Insurgency, who needed someone to help fight the Regime. Hellboy and Batman befriended one another, despite each other's differences for Batman was able to trust the demon himself. Hellboy infiltrated the Fortress of Solitude to confront the High Councilor. After the savage battle, he spared Superman's life, only to bring him back with him to his own universe powerless and weak. Hellboy returned to the B.P.R.D., with the weakened dictator held captive as will as reports of what he has encountered in the multiverse.

Clash Quotes:
-"Time to bust some heads!"
-"Wouldn't pull that off if I were you."
-"I'm taking you down!"
-"You are definitely gonna feel sorry for this."
-"Don't think my hand can't breakthrough ya'!"

*Attack Clash:
-Batman: "I remember when when we last met."
-Hellboy: "Back when we saved Ted Knight from Nazis."

-Batman: "Go back to Hell!"
-Hellboy: "Sorry Bruce, but that's too early for me!"

-Deathstroke: "So I heard you can do an impression of me."
-Hellboy: *in Slade voice* "You damn right I do!"

-Deathstroke: "Demons like you."
-Hellboy: "I know I'm ugly!"

-Raven: "Not wanting to be an apprentice of evil, I can tell."
-Hellboy: "I'm just like you, Raven."

-Scorpion: "You're an atypical demon?"
-Hellboy: "Of course I am, Hanzo."

-Scorpion: "The sword is superior to your stone hand!"
-Hellboy: "Well go ahead and prove me wrong, buddy."

-Wonder Woman: "Hellish beings like you don't deserve mercy!"
-Hellboy: "Whoa, easy there! I'm not what you think I'm like!"

-Zatanna: "You're not a minion of Trigon, are you?"
-Hellboy: "Nah! I don't associate myself with him."

*Defense Clash:
-Hellboy: "Been decades since we last teamed up!"
-Batman: "It's Me, You and Starman all over again!"

-Hellboy: "Still got clown problems as usual, huh?"
-Batman: "Joker's been getting worse by the moment!"

-Hellboy: *in Slade voice* "Do you prefer steel or lead?"
-Deathstroke: "That's my line, idiot!"

-Hellboy: *in Slade voice* "You're easy money!"
-Deathstroke: "Your name's not Slade Wilson!"

-Hellboy: "Perhaps you can join us at the B.P.R.D.?"
-Raven: "I have no knowledge of this B.P.R.D."

-Hellboy: "Your hellfire can't burn me!"
-Scorpion: "Then what else will?"

-Hellboy: "You and me fight in Mortal Kombat!"
-Scorpion: "That's what I was going to say."

-Hellboy: "I've heard of Amazons before."
-Wonder Woman: "So you are aware about Themyscira's presence, I assume."

-Hellboy: "It's me against Kal-El's ho."
-(Regime) Wonder Woman: "WHAT DID YOU SAY, DEMON?!?"

-Hellboy: "So what is this Justice League Dark?"
-Zatanna: "A lot like your agency."
I just checked my deviation count and something told me that my next deviation is gonna be my 666th. 666 means Mark of the Beast which means I'm gonna upload something related. And it's....

...Actually, the demon this Injustice guest fighter entry is about is an anti-antichrist. He was originally going to be a bringer of Armageddon but he was raised by us humans to fight for the side of good instead.

This is Hellboy, who crossovered with Batman and a Golden Age superhero named Starman. Well now he's back to meeting Batman again. This tim, it's in Injustice: Gods Among Us.

*As I said before, Hellboy crossovered with Batman, so there are allusions to the crossovers he appeared in. One were they rescue Starman from a gang of Neo-Nazis and one where they face an eldritch abomination (the type of monsters Hellboy faces from time to time).
*Because Ron Perlman is reprising his role as Hellboy, there are clash quotes with him and Deathstroke (except for only one of them)  in which he starts talking like Deathstroke's cartoon counterpart. It should be noted that Ron Perlman voiced Deathstroke (a.k.a. Slade) in the Teen Titans cartoon show and Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox.
*When you think about it, if there was Mortal Kombat vs. Dark Horse Universe (which, just like with Mortal Kombat vs. Marvel Universe, would be SO MUCH BETTER than Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe), Hellboy would definitely be Scorpion's rival. After all, both of them are antiheroes from Hell so I figured I'd put alot of clash quotes between him and Scorpion. This is like with the deal with a matchup between Scorpion and Etrigan (at least in my version of Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe), especially since both Etrigan and Hellboy are demons who work for the good guys. So yeah, Scorpion's rivals in most superhero crossovers will tend to be Hellish anti-heroes.

Hellboy Dark Horse Comics

Injustice: Gods Among Us NetheRealm Studios, Warner Bros. and DC Comics
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narutofan61 Featured By Owner Dec 1, 2013
awesome, hellboy rules hey, can you do one on either darth vader, the doctor from doctor who, naruto uzumaki, or sosuke aizen? thanks
kanodoom Featured By Owner Nov 26, 2013
Did you kne--- Oh, right, you know who's J.G. Hertzler is. Was Hellboy attempted to imitate Deathstroke's line? :D It's pretty hilarious.
sprite-genius Featured By Owner Nov 26, 2013
Actually, Hellboy was using Deathstroke's Teen Titans voice (you know, the one where he was only called Slade) in his impressions, since he is voiced by Ron Perlman.
kanodoom Featured By Owner Nov 26, 2013
Damn, didn't knew that Deathstroke was voiced by Ron Perlman. My bad. :D
OmegaMorph Featured By Owner Nov 20, 2013
Glad you remembered that one Batman crossover.
sprite-genius Featured By Owner Nov 21, 2013
Thank you. You must've remembered the crossover, too.

Have you seen my entry for Spawn BTW? Because even Spawn had a crossover with Batman.
OmegaMorph Featured By Owner Nov 21, 2013
Nope. Missed out on that one.
ThunderFists1988 Featured By Owner Nov 20, 2013
I like this! Hellboy rules!
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