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Name: Eyeless Jack
Gender: Male
Eyes: N/A
Hair: N/A
Debut: A creepypasta story of the same name
Voice: N/A (speaks only in creepy, echoing sounds like grunts and laughs)


It is unknown as to whether or not this mysterious creature is metahuman, demon, or alien. However, it is said that the being known as Eyeless Jack is a heartless killing machine. Eyeless Jack kills its victims by tearing out their inner organs and eating them right before he butchers them. Not much else is known of the feature or its origin, but it is stated that it cries out a black substance from the sockets of its mask.

*Lovecraftian physiology
*Shape shifting
*Shadow camouflage
*Tentacle extension
*Pain inducement
*Superhuman strength

*Intro: The intro starts off in a dark bedroom and the camera is in the first-person POV of a random victim. The heavy-breathing victim tries to move away slowly from Eyeless Jack as Jack is about to release his claws and gut him. But just as Jack is about to cut him up, he teleports out of the bedroom and the camera cuts to the battlefield where Eyeless Jack teleports to. He stands up from bending down and makes a hoarse, Vader-esque breathing noise.
*Outro: Camera is in the defeated opponent's first-person POV and Eyeless Jack walks towards said defeated opponent. He lets out low, distorted laughter, takes off his mask revealing a face full in tentacles and has a sharp-toothed jaw surrounded by them, and bends down to dine on his opponent's organs. The camera cuts to Eyeless Jack and he is seen from behind eating his opponent.

Special Moves:
*Black Poof: Eyeless Jack poofs out of the picture in Black Smoke and will reappear either behind his opponent or in front of his opponent.
*Tentacle Spear: He emits a tentacle from his palm and drags his opponent towards himself.

Claws Mode
*Quick Slice: Eyeless Jack zips through his opponent with his claws.
*Claw Wave: He scratches the ground and creates a shockwave that slides its way toward's his opponent.
*Finger Darts: He almost thrusts one of his claws and emits short-ranged spearhead shaped energy shots from the nails at his opponent.
*Claw Wheel: He rolls himself into a ball with his claws out and he hurdles towards his opponent.

Cleaver Mode
*Cleaver Throw: Eyeless Jack trows a meat cleaver at his opponent.
*Butcher Knife: He unleases a butcher knife from his sleeve and slashes it multiple times at his opponent.
*Killer Top: He spins himself like a top with his cleaver up as he slashes his way towards his opponent.

Character Trait:
*Weapon Switch: Eyeless Jack will switch from his claws to a meat cleaver and from a meat cleaver back to his claws.

Super Move:
*The Eyeless Killer: Eyeless Jack takes off his mask and dashes through his opponent. He reappears quickly in front of the opponent and began to do a number of claw slashing. Then as the opponent falls down, he gets out an oversized meat cleaver and begins swinging it at the opponent, damaging him/her. He finishes by stomping on the opponent's crotch.

The unknown being called Eyeless Jack strives off of shedding innocent blood, but it couldn't go about its business as long as the One-Earth Regime is in control of everything and keeping murders from happening. It started to kill every single member of the Regime, until it was caught red handed by Nightwing while slaughtering its soldiers. Nightwing, having been ordered by the High Councilor, went out to kill the monster, but unfortunately, it killed him. Eyeless Jack tore out and devoured Nightwings entrails and butchered his mutilated corpse before wandering off. Now Eyeless Jack is off to kill not just the One-Earth Regime, but also the Insurgency as well.

Clash Quotes from Opponents:
-Aquaman: "You are not turning me into sushi!"
-Batgirl: "I guess this is the part where I scream for my life."
-Batman: "Can't tell if you're alien or demon."
-Catwoman: "No way I'll become cat meat!"
-Cyborg: "I… don't wanna see what's under your mask."
-Deathstroke: "So you wanna fight with these kinds of weapons, huh?"
-Doomsday: "Let's see if you are killable!"
-Flash: "And I thought Murmur was worse."
-Green Lantern: "I swear this could be Black Lantern."
-Joker: "Hello. Have we met?"
-Martian Manhunter: "You are not welcome in planet Earth!"
-Nightwing: "Better not pull a Death In The Family on me!"
-Raven: "I will NEVER be like you!"
-Scorpion: "Are you Noob Saibot?"
-Shazam: "I'm gonna try and face my fear!"
-Solomon Grundy: "Grundy rip mask off Mask Man!"
-Superman: "You deserve a place in the Phantom Zone!"
-Wonder Woman: "With Athena by my side, I will banish you!"
-Zatanna: "I hope those weapons are just for show."
:iconeyelessjackplz: Guess who this is. It's Eyeless Jack!

I see Eyeless Jack as sorta like Boris the Animal from Men in Black 3, what with his uncanny valley human disguise and his gnarly physiology.

*Because Injustice: Gods Among Us is a DC Comics game, his bio puts up an implication that he's thought up to be a metahuman.
*Murmur, for those who don't know, is a Flash villain and though he's not a recognizable as the rest of his rogues, he is part of the Rogues regardless. He's a former doctor turned serial killer who wears a mask and kills people.

Eyeless Jack the internet

Injustice: Gods Among Us NetheRealm Studios, Warner Bros. and DC Comics
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EJ Vs Aquaman: Your making me hungry 

Vs Barbra: bingo

Vs Bruce: no one can

Vs Catwoman: keep telling yourself that

Vs Victor: good. it's not pretty

Vs Slade: they don't call me Eyeless jack for nothing you know

Vs Doomsday: dude you need therapy

Vs Barry: oh yeah? well your lame

Vs Hal: no i'm not dumb***

Vs Joker: no but i can use a drinking buddy

Vs Jo'hn Jonz: the fans say otherwise

Vs Richerd: at least some jerkwad didn't rip my face off

Vs Rachael: not like your old man...

Vs Hanzo: no i'm not. 

Vs Billy: yawn

Vs Grundy: Grundy not smart at all

Vs Clark: come at me bro

Vs Dianna: your starting to pester me

Vs Zattana: they are my tools of the trade

Gcq 1: let's go

gcq 2: i'll eat your organs

Gcq 3: come at me pal 
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