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This is it, ladies and gentlemen! The wait is over! Now is the time for another Brutal Fists 3 trailer. This time, it's on three newcomers, each one who's been teased in each previous journal. And also, we're about to get a shot of a newly-showcased stage that isn't associated with anyone as well as a minor character who will, of course, be the referee. So sit back, relax, and enjoy the read.:popcorn:
Trailer starts off with an ESRB message in a black background that says on the white top saying, "MAYBE CONTAIN CONTENT INAPPROPIATE FOR CHILDREN" and on the black bottom, "Visit for rating information"(meanwhile, the European version starts off with a PEGI 18 rating and the Japanese version starts off with a CERO Rating Pending) for five seconds until it then fades away.

We hear a voice (provided by Nolan North) in the background say, "Ladies and gentlemen..." and then Rage Against The Machine's "Killing In The Name Of" starts playing as we are treated with a couple of shots of the new Brutal Fists arena, which appears as a hi-tech looking version of a sports arena. There's an attendance of a thousand people and a huge, quadruple scoreboard on top of the center of the arena. There are two entrances to the arena, with each one faces a little farther from the big circular ring. "May I present to you all, this years BRUTAL FISTS TOURNAMENT!", followed by audience cheering. After all that, the screen turns to black and that same voice says, "I'm Skizo and I'd like to introduce to you all our fighters!" As the black background slowly fades to a grunge, metal background with a few blood splatters, we're treated with each render of the following characters shifting in and out of the picture after eachother: Jimmy Randalf pounding both of his fists, Koby Dominic with his fists up in a fighting stance, Marco Adhemer kicking his legs up in the air as he handstands, Mike Runner posing like Luke Skywalker holding a lightsaber as he himself is holding his laser sword, Draco the Dragon punching the screen with one of his fists, Jaakuna conjuring dark energy with both his hands, Ai Xiaoli holding one of her psionic fans close to the lower half of her face looking seductively at the screen, Mejad folding his arms as he is levitating in the air, Gang Longwei swinging his nunchucks around, Karen Daisy blowing on one of her revolvers as she winks at the screen, and finally Grackalor looking as if he's leaping onto the screen about to eat. The background is full and Skizo says, "Let the show begin, people!"

We cut to Jaakuna in the Brutal Fists arena shooting a dark energy wave from his fist at Jimmy, only for the latter to jump over it. Jaakuna summons a flaming skull from the ground at Jimmy and then Jaakuna himself jumps and dives down kicking Jimmy, followed by him punching Jimmy two times and then kicking him. Cut to Draco in a Chinese temple rapidly punching Ai until he uppercuts her into the air. Draco then charges and does a megaton punch at the falling Ai, knocking her farther away. Ai rolls back up towards Draco, who then sidesteps away from her and proceeds to punch her downward and then punch her upward. Cut to Grackalor at a nightclub getting shot by two of Karen's revolvers and she then lassoes up the alien monster, dragging him towards herself. Karen punches Grackalor and then kicks him and punches him again, followed by a roundhouse kick, knocking Grackalor farther away and bouncing him back towards the cowgirl and Karen kicks him upward, accompanied by a big white star in front of both Karen and Grackalor that pops up quickly before dissolving. Cut to Gang in Area 51 stomping on the ground, sending rocky stalagmites to hurdle at KobyGang then rushes towards Koby and does three nun-chuck whackings at the street brawler, followed by him placing his hands on the ground and a big piece of wood with a pointed top rises from the ground to hit Koby and then he shoots a fireball at him. Cut to Jaakuna in the arena grabbing Jimmy by his leg, elbowing him in the face and then punching the leg before blasting him farther away with a dark energy ball. Cut to Grackalor at the nightclub pouncing onto Karen and biting on her neck before kicking her to the ground. Cut to Gang in Area 51 dragging Koby towards himself and delivering two low punches and then one upper punch that knocks Koby to the ground. Cut to Ai in the Chinese temple placing her palm onto Draco's chest and then telekinetically pushes him farther away from herself with a single punch from her other hand. Cut to the grunge metal background from earlier with shaky, white stencil text reading "NOW" on top and "INTRODUCING" on the bottom.

We cut to a South Korean city district where we see a hand conjure up a blue fireball. The scene pans out to a full body view of Korean young man with typical bishonen hair in a jacket and a pair of jeans and the scene pauses and gets filtered with blue coloring. White stencil text shows up saying, "DAHN JU-YONG" for five seconds. Cut to gameplay footage of Dahn in the city district punching Karen two times and then kicking her two times. He then shoots a blue fire projectile shaped like a dragon head at the cowgirl, knocking her farther and bouncing her back towards DahnDahn then punches the juggling Karen with a fiery punch, followed by another one, and then punching her three times with the last punch knocking her to the ground. Dahn ducks and spin kicks the down Karen.

We cut to Dahn in an abandoned boxing ring saying to Draco, "So you call yourself a dragon, big shot?" Cut to Dahn in the abandoned ring jumping at Draco with two fiery kicks, knocking him to the ground. Draco gets up punching Dahn and Dahn sidesteps back up and proceeds to kick then punch the boxer. He then shoots a blue fireball at Draco and the punches him, then kicks him, then does a backflip kick at him. Cut to Draco angrily replying with, "Don't think about underestimating me, pretty boy!" Cut to Dahn in the abandoned ring holding Draco's right arm, hits him in the face, and hits his arm until he is forced down, followed by another strike at his arm. Cut to Dahn at the UFC Octagon jumping over Mejad's energy shot and kicks him. Dahn then shoots a blue fireball at the alien superhero and then kicks pass him in an aura of blue fire and then he punches Mejad and does two fiery kicks at him. Cut to Dahn at a geek convention emitting a little blue flame from his finger saying, "Can't handle the heat?"

We cut to the metal background from earlier with new text reading "BUT WAIT," on top and "THERE'S MORE" on the bottom for three seconds and we cut to a concert bar where we see a heavily-tattooed man with a mohawk in overall pants twirling and spinning his guitar around. The scene pauses and gets filtered with blue coloring. White stencil text shows up saying, "PILTDOWN" for three seconds. Cut to gameplay footage of Piltdown at the bar punching then kicking Jimmy and then swinging his guitar down at him before quickly putting it away. As Jimmy juggles, Piltdown jumps up and kicks the UFC fighter with one foot before landing back on ground, followed by him smashing his guitar at Jimmy, which knocks him farther and bouncing him back towards Piltdown, who uppercuts the aerial Jimmy two times with one fist in each time.

We cut to that metal background from earlier with new text reading "AND LET'S NOT FORGET" on top and "THE OPPOSITE SEX" on the bottom for three seconds and we cut to an Indonesian temple where we see what appears to be a Southeast Asian young woman in a tank top and yoga pants levitating in the air in a sitting position. She hovers down, placing her legs straight and standing on ground, the scene pauses and gets filtered with blue coloring. White stencil text shows up saying, "NOVI ASOKA" for five seconds. Cut to gamplay footage of Novi at the Indonesian temple hitting Mike three times and then she goes to her camel pose and hurdles towards him. As Mike falls, he rolls farther away from Novi and slashes an energy crescent at her only for Novi to sidestep away from the projectile. Novi throws an energy chakram at Mike and rushes towards him to slap him and then kick him two times. Cut to Novi at the Alamo doing the sun worship pose where she sends a ball of chi to shoot at AiNovi then throws a chi chakram at Ai, jumps and right before she lands, does the wind relieving pose and launches herself at the psionic lawyer as she does so. Afterwards, Novi is in air doing the sun worhsip pose and shoots a chi ball diagonally towards Ai before landing back on her feet. Cut to Novi in the Chinese temple saying to Piltdown, "I would suggest you don't play loud music while I am here." and then we cut to Novi in the temple itself doing the warrior pose and as she does said pose, a projection of herself punching and kicking Piltdown. Cut to Piltdown replying with, "Oh take a chill pill, lady!". Cut to the grunge metal background from earlier with shaky, white stencil text reading "THE GANG'S" on top and "ALL HERE!" on the bottom.

Cut to Dahn at the Octagon emitting blue fire on his hands and feet as he says, "This is it for you!". He rushes towards Mejad and does a series of punches and kicks at him. Cut to Piltdown at the bar delivering a series of punches and kicks at Jimmy until he sends the MMA fighter flying with an upward kick. Cut to Novi at the Alamo surrounding herself in light chi energy, which knocks Ai up into the air. We cut to a sky where we see Ai flying up in and an astral projection of Novi shows up to deliver a series of slaps and kicks at her. Cut back to to Piltdown at the bar shooting musical notes from his guitar playing at a falling Jimmy until he lands completely onto the ground.

We cut to the grunge metal background with a few splats of blood on it. The logo for Brutal Fists 3 (what the logo looks like is up for interpretation as of now) is present and under it we see a publisher's logo, a Genisu Games logo, an Unreal logo, a Nintendo Switch logo, a PS4 logo, an Xbox One logo and a Steam logo. Four seconds later, Rage Against The Machine's "Killing In The Name Of" stops playing as the announcer says, "TIME TO PROVE YOUR WORTH!"

Cut to Piltdown in a blackened arena swinging his guitar upward, whacking Jimmy's head off. As the severed head is about to fall, Piltdown swings his guitar at it before we cut to the same bloody grunge metal background with big white stencil text reading, "BRUTALITY RETURNS 2017!". Sounds of visceral splattering are heard and blood splatters onto the text itself. The announcer says, "DEATH FINISH! PILTDOWN WON!"
And there you have it. The reveal trailer of three newcomers! With Dahn Ju-Yong, he was teased in Draco the Dragon's trailer. With Piltdown, he was teased in Grackalor's trailer. And with Novi Asoka, she was teased in Mike Runner's trailer. Now don't worry though, because four more newcomers will be revealed, but they'll be teased in four more returning character trailers and then revealed in the launch trailer. So stay tuned for all that stuff.

Oh yeah, and I'd like to talk about the character Skizo. He will be the referee for the new Brutal Fists tournament in this second sequel. What Skizo is basically is that he's a human looking alien with zany powers. Despite being associated with the big bad guy (who, BTW, I will not reveal until I start BF3), he's not really evil but he's not a do-gooder either. He'll basically be a punch-clock person who will manage the tournament in accordance with the second sequel's big bad. I'll probably post a pic of what he looks like at some point in time, even before I start Brutal Fists 3.

And as you can tell, a new stage which is the Brutal Fists arena has just been showcased. The stage isn't associated with anyone but it will serve as a finals stage for characters' story modes.

So that's it for the reveal trailer! As always, if you have any questions and/or speculations about anything from the trailer above (especially in regards to Dahn, Piltdown, and/or Novi), feel free to post some.

p.s. As usual, you can check up on this temporary journal for highlights on my stuff (as well as subjects not relating to them) and I'm still working on my two fan crossovers so check 'em out if you'd like (but don't expect them to be faster than my OC works though)


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