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Everyone, today is the release of not just any Brutal Fists 3 trailer, but also the first solo BF3 reveal trailer. 

How solo reveal trailers will go down is simple. The trailer will showcase the subject's regular intro as well as gameplay. a post round taunt (despite that I will never list them in BF3 entries. Don't ask why though) and a pre-fight intro against someone, and later in the trailer comes the subject's Brutal Style, followed by the usual logo stuff before cutting to a Death Finish tease followed by a glimpse at the character's victory sequence.

And after all of that is over, a newcomer will be teased at the very end and if you'd like, you can feel free to make any guesses or speculations about the teased newcomer.:)

So without further a do, may I present the Balrog of Brutal Fists, Draco the Dragon!:popcorn:
Trailer starts off with an ESRB message in a black background that says on the white top saying, "MAYBE CONTAIN CONTENT INAPPROPIATE FOR CHILDREN" and on the black bottom, "Visit for rating information"(meanwhile, the European version starts off with a PEGI 18 rating and the Japanese version starts off with a CERO Rating Pending) for five seconds until it then fades away.

R&R's "Bring On The Competition" starts playing as we are treated with a scene takeing place in an abandoned boxing ring. Draco the Dragon looks at Koby Dominic and says, "Well look who we have here. Queens's new favorite ballah." Koby asks, "Yeah, and what's it to ya?" and Draco replies, "I'm itchin' for a brawl, son! Now bring it on!" Koby goes to his battle stance and says, "Well there better not be a repeat of what got yo' ass banned from the circuit!"

We cut to a grunge metal background with a few splats of blood on it where we see big, white stencil text reading "A BANNED BOXER" on top and "HAS JUST RESURFACED!" on the bottom. Three seconds later, we cut to Draco in the abandoned ring shadowboxing and then he stops. The scene pauses and gets filtered with blue coloring. White stencil text shows up saying, "DRACO THE DRAGON" for five seconds and then the color filter is back to normal and the scene resumes with Draco saying "It's round one, you against me!" and goes to his boxing stance. Cut to Draco in the abandoned boxing ring punching Koby. He then does a fiery uppercut at Koby and knocks him to the ground. Koby gets back up and does an energy kick at Draco, who dodges it by jumping over it and then socks Koby, leading to the brawler juggling. Draco rapidly punches him and ends it with an uppercut and then a fiery wave shot that knocks Koby father away from him. As Koby stidesteps back up, Draco zips towards Koby and delivers a megaton punch. Cut to Draco at a nightclub uppercutting three times saying, "That the best you got, punk?" (A/N: if opponent is female, he'll say, "That the best you got, bitch?" instead)

Cut to Draco at a training warehouse ring punching Gang Longwei upward and then he punches him downward, making the occult detective juggle. Draco does two punches at him and shoots a fire wave at him before punching the ground, hitting Gang. As Draco dashes towards GangGang gets back up and, while doing so, swings his nun-chucks at Draco who blocks. Cut to Draco in a Chinese temple lashing onto Karen Daisy and then punching her in the face two times before uppercutting her onto the ground. Karen gets up and shoots two revolvers at Draco as she does so. She flings her lasso at Draco, which Draco evades by sidestepping and then he punches her upward and punches her downward. Cut to Draco in Hong Kong ducking as he punches Ai Xiaoli two times and then gets up to sock her across her face and then rushes to punch her farther away from himself. Ai bounces off the invisible wall and falls right close to Draco, who rapidly punches her and delivers an uppercut that sends her flying. Draco rushes to punch her again. Cut to Draco at a snowy mountain top punching Mejad three times and then, as Mejad juggles, Draco punches him two times and does a flaming uppercut. Mejad falls onto the ground and gets back up, only for Draco to shoot two fire wave at him, with the last one bringing Mejad closer to Draco, who does another flaming uppercut at him.

Cut to Draco in the abandoned boxing ring pounding his fists saying, "Ready to get knocked the FUCK OUT?" and starts punching Koby alot until he starts focusing on punching him in the face repeatedly then he punches him three times. Afterwards, Koby is knocked to the ground, accompanied by the sound of a bell.
We cut to the grunge metal background with a few splats of blood on it. The logo for Brutal Fists 3 (what the logo looks like is up for interpretation as of now) is present and under it we see a publisher's logo, a Genisu Games logo, an Unreal logo, a Nintendo Switch logo, a PS4 logo, an Xbox One logo and a Steam logo. 5 seconds later, R&R's "Bring On The Competition" stops playing as the announcer says, "TIME TO PROVE YOUR WORTH!"

Cut to Draco in a blackened arena grabbing Koby with his left fist as he charges he right fist on fire. Draco swings the flaming fist down at Koby's head, crushing it to pieces. As Draco is about to deliver a second downward jab at the headless body, we cut to the same bloody grunge metal background with big white stencil text reading, "BRUTALITY RETURNS 2017!". A visceral explosion is heard and blood splatters onto the text itself. The announcer says, "DEATH FINISH! DRACO THE DRAGON WON!"

Cut to Draco in the abandoned boxing ring laughing and saying, "You got served by the one and only dragon!" He gets out an apple but right when he's about to eat it, he looks at the camera and says, "Hey, what the fuck are you..." and punches the camera to the ground, cracking the lens. Afterwards, the scene fades to black.

We are treated with a black background. One second later we see a fist along with what appears to be sleeves punchig the air. The fist in questions is engulfed in blue fire. Afterwards, we see a leg kick the air The leg in question contains a shoe and a pants legging and like the fist from earlier, the foot is also engulfed in blue fire. After that, we cut to black and we see fire rising on the background except for what appears to be a right half of a shadowy figure's head and right shoulder. The shadowy figure is lightened up, revealing to be an Asian pretty boy who opens his eyes upon reveal. The scene pauses and is filtered blue and the shaking white stencil text pops up reading, "A NEW CHALLENGE HAS ARRIVED!" with the announcer reading those exact words.
And there you have it. Draco's reveal for Brutal Fists 3! If you have any questions or speculations about what was in the trailer, feel free to post some.

p.s. Be sure to check up on the heads up of my upcoming projects (Brutal Fists 3 included) and also check out my two fan crossovers if you'd like, since I'm also working on them as well (though slowly unfortunately)
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TheSuperMKMaster Featured By Owner 21 hours ago
It's been awhile since we last saw a BF3 trailer, when's the next one coming?
sprite-genius Featured By Owner 17 hours ago
Not long but maybe around this week I hope.
ask-theangelofsouls Featured By Owner 2 days ago
*Ogoleithus notices a note in the mail*

Ogoleithus: Sprite-o, found this in the mail. *sets the note down*

Kasumi: I know who this belongs to.

*Jason tilts his head and looks at sprite*

Haken: So, what's the plan?
sprite-genius Featured By Owner 1 day ago
I don't know. What does it say?
ask-theangelofsouls Featured By Owner 1 day ago
Kasumi: WE should open it. *opens it and it's a note from John Petersen*

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sprite-genius Featured By Owner 1 day ago
Sorry, but how about you guys are off helping him out. I'm doing my own things here. Maybe Bigby will help you. Hey Bibgy, where are you?

:iconbigbywolfplz::iconsays3plz:I'm here!
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TheDeadlyRosered Featured By Owner Edited 4 days ago  Hobbyist General Artist
I had a dream earlier today that you read the recent note I sent you (which was about a Mortal Kombat-related subject). Funny, eh?
ComicReadingGamer Featured By Owner 6 days ago
I have a cool idea for a DLC team for Heavy Hitters 3: Ogoleithus, the Demon God of Chaos, teamed up with his lackey, Edmund Gareth, and the stunning hellish succubus Lilith.
sprite-genius Featured By Owner 5 days ago
Now that is an awesome team!
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