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Elemental Blitz: Esmeralda Mercedes

Special Moves
Power Kick ~ Esmeralda does a power angle kick that shocks her opponent.Elbow Spark ~ She shoots a bolt of ligtning from her eblow strike technique, which can shock the opponent who touches the spark.
Thunder Knee ~ She does a knee strike at her opponent, followed by a strike of lightning that rains onto the opponent, sending him/her juggling.
Tlaloc ~ She does the Hanuman technique at her opponent, hitting and shocking him/her.
Blitz Skills
Blitz Art: Electrical Surge ~ Esmeralda surrounds herself with electricity all over herself, making her normal attacks lead to electrocution by default.Blitz Counter: Static Shock ~ Esmeralda punches her opponent, which electrocutes him/her first then knocks him/her farther away from herself.
Elemental Assault
La Torm
:iconsprite-genius:sprite-genius 7 3
Elemental Blitz: Nathan Brooklyn

Special Moves
Upper Wind ~ Nathan summons a tornado by uppercutting. The whirlwind hurdles towards his opponent.Haymaking Breeze ~ He socks his opponent to the point of him/her twisting around from the haymaker.
Vacuum Drag ~ He pulls his fists to his waists and a tornado drags his opponent towards him.
Whirlwind ~ He spins around like a top with his arms extended, punching his opponent as he spins.
Blitz Skills
Blitz Art: Tornado Champion ~ Nathan extends his arms and surrounds himself in a big whirlwind that acts as a barrier which reflects projectiles. It lasts for 10 seconds unless the opponent touches it, which hurts him/her.Blitz Counter: Blow You Away ~ Nathan releases a whirlwind that carries his opponent away from him.
Elemental Assault
Knock Out And Blow Out<
:iconsprite-genius:sprite-genius 6 2
Elemental Blitz: Koi Ikaika

Special Moves
Magma Toss ~ Koi lifts his hands up, sending in a wave of lava at his opponent.Lava Burst ~ Koi stomps on the ground, prompting a burst of lava from the ground where his opponent is standing.
Volcanic Torpedo ~ He launches himself at his opponent while surrounded in an aura of lava.
Igneous Slap ~ He turns his hands into volcanic rock and slaps his opponent with them.
Blitz Skills
Blitz Art: Pele's Gift ~ Koi pounds his belly with two of his hands and he starts turning red with steam emitting from him. This increases his hit rates though at the cost of speed for 10 seconds.Blitz Counter: Lava Geyser ~ Koi slams his hands onto the ground, sending in a Power Geyser like burst of lava at his opponent.
Elemental Assault
Volcanic Action ~ Koi sto
:iconsprite-genius:sprite-genius 5 3
Elemental Blitz: Abel Manyara

Special Moves
Unearthing Stomp ~ Abel stomps on the ground, summoning a big rock from the ground under his opponent to rise up at him/her.The Rupture ~ He stomps on the ground, sending in a trail of debris to hurdle at his opponent.
Sacrifice Quake ~ He grabs onto his opponent, places his leg onto his/her abdomen, and rolls over to throw the opponent up and over to the ground, accompanied by a seismic effect.
Rock Throw ~ He throws a huge boulder at his opponent.
Blitz Skills
Blitz Art: Hardening Skin  ~ Abel turns parts of his body to stone a la Tremor from Mortal Kombat. This makes the hit rate of attacks on him much lower than normal.Blitz Counter: Rubble Crater ~ Abel does the Uchi Mata move where he throws his opponent to the ground in full force, causing a human-sized crater to
:iconsprite-genius:sprite-genius 6 3
Elemental Blitz: Krister Agnes

Special Moves
Ice Blast ~ Krister shoots a ball of ice at his opponent, freezing him/her in it.Louisville Chiller ~ He does the Jodan Mawashi Geri technique in which he kicks his opponent overhead, accompanied by a burst of ice as the oppoennt is kicked.
Frost Cutter ~ He does the Gedan Mawashi Geri technique in which he does a lower kick across his opponent, forming an icy crescent that attacks the opponent.
Icy Slide ~ He slides down towards his opponent as he leaves a trail of ice.
Blitz Skills
Blitz Art: Kung Bore ~ Krister receives snowflakes swirling around him. Can freeze the opponent that touches.Blitz Counter: Cold Receiver ~ Krister's forearm touches his opponent's arm and he freezes the entire opponent on ice. He then punches the opponent, breaking him/her free of the ice and m
:iconsprite-genius:sprite-genius 10 7
Elemental Blitz: Bryson Demarco

Special Moves
Fire Punch ~ Bryson punches his opponent with his right fist that is on fire.Flare Rush ~ He zips through his opponent as he is covered in fire.
Blazing Stream ~ He shoots a stream of fire at his opponent.
Swirling Fire ~ He tosses a fireball at his opponent.
Blitz Skills
Blitz Art: Burning Man ~ Bryson surrounds himself in an aura of fire. Normal attacks are accompanied by fire which enhances their hit rates.Blitz Counter: Fuel To The Fire ~ Bryson shoots a big fiery explosion with two of his hands at his opponent, knocking him/her to the ground.
Elemental Assault
Flaming Frenzy ~ Bryson engulfs his fists on fire and says, "Feel the heat!" and starts doing a series of punches at his opponent, followed by a a knee strike and then he does three mo
:iconsprite-genius:sprite-genius 13 10
Elemental Blitz intro
We're treated with a black background showing the logo for *insert publisher here* for seven seconds, followed by one for Genisu Games. Seven seconds later, the Genisu logo fades away, making way for the Unreal Engine logo to fade in for seven seconds.
Borialis's "Don't Mean A Thing" plays throughout the intro. (with the second verse towards the first half of the final chorus being skipped over, BTW)
We cut to a background of aether energy swirling around the place. As it goes on, we see a montage of black-colored humanoid figures (said figures look similar to the ones in demonstration segments in Human Weapon) doing martial arts techniques and even fighting each other, all in the aether background. This goes on for thirteen seconds until we move on to a montage of showcased characters in the following order:
Scene transitions via a blaze of fire to the McDowell Mountains where we see Bryson Demarco doing a couple of punches and kicks repeatedly. Three seconds l
:iconsprite-genius:sprite-genius 4 8
Elemental Blitz logo by sprite-genius Elemental Blitz logo :iconsprite-genius:sprite-genius 5 4
Epic Blades II: Jason Voorhees

from Friday the 13th
Comes with a zombified Crusader skin for Franco Domenico.Comes with the Horror Pack, which consists of skins for the following characters; Malombra (Karl the Butcher)Destin Abelino (Billy the Puppet)Kliment Blood (Pinhead)Machina Ex Leo (Frankenstein)Sharyer
:iconsprite-genius:sprite-genius 9 8
Epic Blades II: Ezio Auditore

from Assassin's Creed
Comes with a Prince of Persia skin for Eser Abdulhamit.Comes with the Assassins-vs-Templars Pack, which consists of skins for the following characters; Franco Domenico (Richard I of England), Malombra (Haras), Javier Salvador (Ojeda), Nabila al-Bukhar (Aveline de Grandpre), Calixte
:iconsprite-genius:sprite-genius 11 3
Epic Blades II: Kasumi

from Dead or Alive and Ninja Gaiden
Comes with Ryu Hayabusa cosplay skin for Sasuke.Comes with the Fighting Vixens Pack, which consists of skins for the following characters; Elora (Sophitia Alexandra from SoulCalibur)Nabila al-Bukhar (Angel from King of Fighters)Sileas Keita (Vallah from War Gods), Aumentea (Sofia from Battle Arena Toshinden)
:iconsprite-genius:sprite-genius 9 5
Epic Blades II: Nobunaga Oda

from Sengoku BASARA
Comes with an Oichi cosplay skin for Ketsurui and a Shingen Takeda cosplay skin for Olov Borgulf.
Comes with the Capcom Pack, which consists of skins for the following characters; Franco Domenico (Arthur)Malombra (Bilstein)Javier Salvador (DmC!Dante; A/N: please forgive me, fellow peeps who prefer classic Dante)
:iconsprite-genius:sprite-genius 10 7
Epic Blades II: Lady Death

from (the now-defunct) Chaos! Comics
DLC comes with an Evil Ernie inspired skin for Giaghor.Comes with the Comic Pack, which consists of skins for the following characters; Franco Domenico (Redeemer)Malombra (Overlord)Elora (Velocity)Nabila al-Bukhar (Ghost)Destin Abelino (
:iconsprite-genius:sprite-genius 7 1
Epic Blades II: D'Vorah

from Mortal Kombat
Comes with skin for Rat-King that switches his rat motif with that of fleas.Comes with the Kombat Pack, which consists of skins for the following characters; Franco Domenico (Hotaru)Malombra (Noob Saibot), Elora (Kitana; based on her MKvsDCU costume)Javier Salvador (Raiden; based on his MKvsDCU costume)
:iconsprite-genius:sprite-genius 9 7
Epic Blades II: Guts

from Berserk
Comes with a skin for Arshama Govend based on the God Hand VoidComes with the Anime Pack, which consists of skins for the following characters; Franco Domenico (Heathcliff)Malombra (Kaioh)Elora (Super Sonico)Javier Salvador (Pegasus Seiya)Olov Borgulf (Celtic
:iconsprite-genius:sprite-genius 10 4
Epic Blades II: Ares

from DC Comics
Comes with a Trojan skin for Machina Ex Leo.Comes with the DC Pack, which consists of DC Comics inspired skins for the following characters; Franco Domenico (Doctor Fate)Malombra (Prometheus), Elora (Princess Amethyst)Javier Salvador (Zauriel)Nabila al-Bukhar <
:iconsprite-genius:sprite-genius 7 5
DISCLAIMER: contrary to what my username might imply, unfortunately I'm not really a sprite maker. Sorry.:(

But regardless, feel free to check out the gallery if you'd like!:)

Random Favourites

Power Rangers: Brutal Force Story Trailer
Ladies and gents, boys and girls, the time has finally come! The new trailer for Power Rangers: Brutal Force has just been released! So sit back, relax and enjoy the read!
We’re shown a shot of the underground area for five seconds until it fades to black, all while Belial narrates, "You think your world is safe?" After all that talking, the scene fades to another shot of the underground, this time showing an underground vessel (the same vessel where Belial and the others are locked in), for six seconds before fading to black again, all while Belial narrates again, "After what has happened 10 thousand years ago when those bastard warriors locked me into a cell?" Scene fades to another shot of the underground, showing a group of underground explorers discovering a prison vessel while Belial continues his speech with, "Well think again! Because the Prince of Darkness has returned…" Eight seconds later, the scene fades to black again as Belial goes on to add, "…to
:iconthesupermkmaster:TheSuperMKMaster 2 16
MK vs. Nintendo Universe: Li Mei
Mortal Kombat vs. Nintendo Universe – Mortal Kombat side

Kostume 1: Her primary costume from Mortal Kombat: Deception
Kostume 2: Her primary costume from Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance
Unlockable Kostume 1: Her alternate costume from Mortal Kombat: Deception
Unlockable Kostume 2: Her alternate costume from Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance
DLC Kostume 1: Her costume from Mortal Kombat X's story mode
DLC Kostume 2: Summertime in Outworld
DLC Kostume 3: Li Mei Art Mk
DLC Kostume 4: Mortal Kombat - Li Mei
DLC Kostume 5: Li Mei concept 
:iconthedeadlyrosered:TheDeadlyRosered 10 28
Hotaru vs. Ike by TheDeadlyRosered Hotaru vs. Ike :iconthedeadlyrosered:TheDeadlyRosered 10 3
MK vs. Nintendo Universe: Ike
Mortal Kombat vs. Nintendo Universe - Nintendo side (from Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance)

Kostume 1: His outfit from Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance
Kostume 2: His outfit from Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn
Unlockable Kostume: His Lord outfit from the Fire Emblem 0 (Cipher) trading card game
DLC Kostume: His outfit from Fire Emblem Awakening
Kosplay DLC: Gumball Watterson from The Amazing World of Gumball
Voice Actor: Jason Adkins
Ike is a member of Crimea's top fighting force, the Greil Mercenaries. He's a man of few words whose blunt manner gives the impression that he's uncaring, but he's actually a passionate hero. He was crucial to the reconstruction of Crimea. He continues to show his deep sense of honor and leads the Greil Mercenaries to the aid of the Laguz Alliance.
Special Attacks:
Eruption: Ike thrusts his sword, Ragnell, to the ground, causing a fiery eruptio
:iconthedeadlyrosered:TheDeadlyRosered 10 16
MK vs. Nintendo Universe: Hotaru
Mortal Kombat vs. Nintendo Universe – Mortal Kombat side

Kostume 1: His primary outfit from Mortal Kombat: Deception
Kostume 2: His alternate outfit from Mortal Kombat: Deception
DLC Kostume 1: Hotaru Koncept
DLC Kostume 2: In The Name of Onaga...
Kosplay DLC 1: Firefly of DC Comics
Kosplay DLC 2: Shining Hotarunicus/Izzy Glow from Mega Man X5
Voice Actor: Liam O’Brien
Hotaru is a commander from the realm of order known as Orderrealm. Orderrealm, or Seido, is home to a humanlike race called Seidans. Seidans obsess over structure, perfection and organizing things, in contrast to their life long enemies, the Chaosrealmers. Hotaru, despite being above good or evil, will take favors from someone a
:iconthedeadlyrosered:TheDeadlyRosered 10 14
Ready for a fight? (For sprite-genius) by NanaTheAsh Ready for a fight? (For sprite-genius) :iconnanatheash:NanaTheAsh 7 0 Smoke vs. Roy by TheDeadlyRosered Smoke vs. Roy :iconthedeadlyrosered:TheDeadlyRosered 15 16
MK vs. Nintendo Universe: Roy
Mortal Kombat vs. Nintendo Universe - Nintendo side (from Fire Emblem: Fuuin no Tsurugi)

Kostume 1: His Master Lord outfit, which he wears in Super Smash Bros. Wii U/3DS
Kostume 2: His outfit from Fire Emblem Awakening
Unlockable Kostume: This outfit is based on concept art shown here
DLC Kostume 1: His outfit from Fire Emblem Heroes
DLC Kostume 2: His outfit from Super Smash Bros. Melee
Voice Actor: Bryce Papenbrook
The son of the lord of Pharae Principality, Roy was studying in Ostia when the Kingdom of Bern invaded League of Lycia. His father fell ill at this time, so Roy assumed leadership of Pharae's armies. After his fateful meeting with the Princess Guinevere, Roy’s destiny became inextricably linked with the fate of the entire continent.
:iconthedeadlyrosered:TheDeadlyRosered 11 20
MK vs. Nintendo Universe: Smoke
Mortal Kombat vs. Nintendo Universe – Mortal Kombat side

Kostume 1: His alternate costume from Mortal Kombat: Deception
Kostume 2: His primary costume from Mortal Kombat: Deception
Unlockable Kostume 1: Klassic Smoke; the only difference is that his color scheme is gray instead of dark blue
Unlockable Kostume 2: This costume resembles Triborg's Smoke (LK-7T2) variation from Mortal Kombat X
DLC Kostume 1: Mortal Kombat 9 Cyber Smoke
DLC Kostume 2: Cyber Smoke
Kosplay DLC: Robot Jones from Whatever Happened to... Robot Jones?
Horror Skin: Dead Space, based on Isaac Clark
Voice Actor: Andrew Bowen
When Tomas Vrbada was a young boy, he was sacrificed to a demonic entity by an obscure cult. But
:iconthedeadlyrosered:TheDeadlyRosered 16 13
God of the Arena: Mr. Crabbe

How To Unlock:
Beat Story Mode with Ryuho Lee and Jupiter Girl.
Special Moves:
-Skull Ball: He shoots a flaming skull at his opponent.
-Crab Press:  He uses the pliers of his armor to grab his opponent and throw him/her on the other side.
-Tele-punch: He teleports out of sight and returns with a punch.
-Le coup de pied: He roundhouse kicks his opponent in the head, spinning him/her around.
-Chameleon: He morphs into his opponent.
Lethal Move:
-Crab Fury: He grabs his opponent to throw him on the ground, then steps him several times and throws him away, when the opponent falls the ground tries to get up, Crabbe emits with his index finger a dark aura to summon zombies that appear from the ground to hold the Opponent, and with his right hand Crabbe throws a powerful energy ball at his opponent that causes an explosion.
Fatal Execution:
-Ton âme est mienne!!: He grab
:iconthedeadstroke:TheDeadstroke 6 10
Frost vs. Lyn by TheDeadlyRosered Frost vs. Lyn :iconthedeadlyrosered:TheDeadlyRosered 10 5
MK vs. Nintendo Universe: Lyn
Mortal Kombat vs. Nintendo Universe - Nintendo side (from Fire Emblem)

Kostume 1: Her costume from Fire Emblem: The Blazing Blade
Kostume 2: Her Blade Lord costume
Unlockable Kostume: Her costume from Fire Emblem Awakening
DLC Kostume: Her travel robes
Kosplay DLC 1: Zero Suit Samus
Kosplay DLC 2: Samus Aran's Fusion Ending Outfit
Kosplay DLC 3: Catwoman from Batman: Arkhamverse
Kosplay DLC 4: Nicole Watterson from The Amazing World of Gumball
Kosplay DLC 5: Daffney Gillfin from The Snorks
Voice Actor: Cristina Vee
Lyndis, better known as Lyn, is a 15-year-old nomadic girl who was born in the Sacean Plains. She is a strong-willed youth whose skill with the blade draws many admirers. Lyn sets out on her quest to become a master swordswoman after coming to the aid of a fallen traveler. She soon learns she's a living member of the nobility of Lycia, a neighborin
:iconthedeadlyrosered:TheDeadlyRosered 10 17
Motoko Kusanagi by UlielArt Motoko Kusanagi :iconulielart:UlielArt 311 12
Power Rangers: Brutal Force
Now, clearly the project’s not starting just yet, I might as well go ahead and give out information on my Power Ranger inspired fanfic that I’m going to be starting soon, Power Rangers: Brutal Force!
1.    STORY
Long ago, back in the Medieval era, Belial, The Prince of Darkness has been defeated by several warriors such as, Elora, Bae Hee Young, Javier Salvador, Kameyo Hinotama, Rinzen, Shankara Mahavir and Xipil and they banded together to seal Belial away in an underground vessel, where he would be trapped there for a thousand years. Then two years later afterwards, Be’al-Zebos took over Belial’s duty, but his plan failed when he was ultimately killed and thus, their allies are sent to the same vessel where Belial was trapped in. Thousand years later, a group of underground explorers unexpectedly found an underground prison vessel, and while they’re researchin
:iconthesupermkmaster:TheSuperMKMaster 2 20
Lord of the Underground 3: Relampago Azul Jr.

Angel Munoz, better known as Relámpago Azul Jr. is a star in the world of Lucha Libre and rival of his friend, Silver Mask. In addition, he is also a professional kick boxer. Recently, Mexico has come under more the ever growing influence of the Death Market. This also has spread through the Lucha Libre community, with many luchadors suffering multiple injuries and fatal wounds. Relampago Azul Jr., along with several luchadors, decide to fight back against the Death Market and take back Mexico. 
DLC comes with costumes based on God of the Arena for Sakura James (Violet Shadow), Sapphire Jones (Afro Jones), Suchin Rama (Tong Reiba), Shawn Levy (Mason Kane), Samantha Leung (Ryuho Lee), and Eddie Sakamoto (El Guitarrista)

Thunderbolt: Focuses on speed and heavy attacks. 
Airborne: Emphasizes on aerial attacks.
Lowrider: Recovers health.
:iconstylistic86:Stylistic86 5 39
Lord of the Underground 3: Shang Lee

Shang Lee was one of the best martial arts master ever since he was 20 years old. He showcased his moves on the big screen, making him a household name in the world of Hong Kong cinema. However, he retired from the big screen to work in a factory. Around this time, kung fu actors and actresses were being assassinated left and right by the syndicate known as the Death Market. Shang Lee, a former actor himself, came out of retirement, to seek out the Death Market himself. 
DLC includes the Top Strife pack, which includes costumes for Rafael Santos (Miguel Delgado), Ryoko Sakamoto (Kudo-Chan), Junior Fuafiva (Smasher), Eddie Sakamoto (Kimura Yamada), and Asha Kali (Slyvie Clark)

Chi Master: Focuses on chi attacks
Golden Dragon: Recovers health
Tiger’s Tempest: Focuses on combos. 

Special Moves:
Lóng Xi: He launches a Chi w
:iconstylistic86:Stylistic86 7 3
Ladies and gentlemen, it's finally here! The launch trailer for Brutal Fists 3! So sit back and relax and enjoy the read!:popcorn:
Trailer starts off with a Mature ESRB rating (meanwhile, the European version starts off with a PEGI 18 rating and the Japanese version starts off with a CERO "D" rating) for five seconds until it then fades away.

Soulfly's "Jumpdafuckup" plays throughout the trailer (with only the second verse all the way to the part before Cory's scream being skipped over)

We are treated with a grunge metal background with a few splats of blood on it. Big, white, shaky, stencil text pops up reading "THE WAIT IS OVER!" for three seconds and we get treated with black and white cut-outs of characters in their intro animations, each one fading away after another; Jimmy Randalf flexing his right shoulder while holding it, Koby Dominic cracking his knuckles, Novi Asoka on a sitting position above ground placing her feet on the ground standing up, Mejad unfolding his arms, and Marco Adhemer landing on his feet with his legs straightened. Then the text pops up reading, "BRUTALITY ENSUES ONCE AGAIN!" for three seonds and we get treated with more character animation cut-outs; Mike Runner activating his lightsaber, Sofia Melania tightening her gloves, Draco the Dragon shadowboxing, Jaakuna going into a jujitsu-like fighting stance, and Major Zion landing onto ground with a punch. Afterwards, text pops up reading, "WITH MORE BLOOD" on top and "& MORE GORE THAN EVER!" for three seconds until we get more character animations; Grackalor roaring, Dahn Ju-Yong swinging his right hand putting out fire, Ai Xiaoli making psionic fan constructs, Gang Longwei swinging his nunchucks everywhere, and Lord Rattlesnake wrapping bandages around his right arm. Finally, text pops up reading, "THE RAW $#!% THAT WOULD" on top and "MAKE MORTAL KOMBAT PROUD!" for three seconds and we get a few more character animations; Piltdown spinning his guitar everywhere, Karen Daisy cracking her lasso to the ground, Ethel Hawkwing teleporting from a whirlwind, Jordan Chaser preparing one of his weapons, and finally Jian Chongling spinning his sword in one hand. Afterwards, the background fades to black. We then cut to a montage of the following gameplay footages in order:
  • Mejad in the Brutal Fists arena landing a punch onto Ai before kicking her two times. He then uppercuts Ai as he flies up, followed by him diving down stomping her to the ground. Cut to Mejad shooting an energy wave at Ai, only for the latter to block the attack. Ai then proceeds to telekinetically lift Mejad into the air and punch him farther away.
  • Ethel at The Alamo slashing Dahn downward two times with her spirit daggers before hopping up to spin as she slashes the Korean dude before landing. Cut to Ethel sidestepping away from Dahn's dragon head shaped fire projectile and sending her hawk Cetan to soar down at Dahn, making him juggle. Ethel then throws her spirit daggers at him.
  • Novi in a downtown city jumping over a musical note sent at her by the strum of Piltdown's guitar and as she lands, Novi kicks the rocker and after landing, she does the warrior pose and a projection of herself appears in front of Piltdown kicking him. Cut to Piltdown grabbing Novi towards himself and kneeing heron the stomach, followed by punch across the face and then he whacks her into the air with an upward slam of his guitar.
  • Draco in a dark, cavernous area charging at Jaakuna, only for Jaakuna to zip pass Draco a la Akuma and summon three flaming skulls from the ground at Draco. Cut to Draco punching Jaakuna upward then punching him downward. He then does a bunch of rapid punches on the horned man before uppercutting him into the air.
Cut to the metal background with blood splats from earlier with new text with the same font style before reading "WE'VE GOT YOUR OLDIES!" for two seconds until we cut to Koby in Jerusalem pretending to shoot a basketball, followed by Lord Rattlesnake in the Octagon raising his right fist in the air. Cut to the metal background from before with new text reading "BRAND NEW" above and "CHARACTERS!" below for two seconds until we cut to Piltdown at a night club raising his right hand up making a long horns gesture, Dahn in Hong Kong playing with his hair, Novi at a snowy mountain top levitating with her toes facing down, and then Jaakuna in a warehouse training area conjuring red and black ki energy. Cut to the same background from before with text now reading, "AND NEW" above and "STAGES!" below. Three seconds later, we cut to shots of a Chinese Temple, to the inside of a pirate ship, to an inner city alley, and finally a geek convention. Cut to the background from before with text reading, "ALSO NEW TO BF3," above and "CHARACTER BANTERS" below.

We cut to a scene with Lord Rattlesnake at a concert bar giving out his hand to Jimmy, followed by a scene with Gang catching Grackalor in an abandoned boxing ring eating a dead monk, with Grackalor turning towards Gang. Cut to the same grunge metal background from before with new text reading, "MINIGAMES!" for one second until we cut to Gang playing basketball with JimmyKoby at an industrial factory punching and kicking rolling barrels into pieces, and finally Major Zion playing table tennis with Marco. Cut back to that metal background from before with new text reading, "EVEN MORE" above and "NEW CHARACTERS!" below.
  • An architectural fort in India where we see a very muscular Indian man thrusting two lifting clubs onto the ground. The scene pauses and it's coloring is filtered to blue, followed by white stencil text reading "HARISH MANJU". Two seconds later, we cut to Harish in the Indian fort tackling Mike to the ground and pinning him down with a chokehold.
  • A spaceship laboratory with surgical appliances, test tubes, and displayed experiments where we see a Frankenstein-ish looking man with stitched-up flesh and bionic implants landing to the scene from a burst of electricity. The scene pauses and it's coloring is filtered to blue, followed by white stencil text reading "DR. INGELBERT". Two seconds later, we cut to Dr. Ingelbert in the spaceship shooting an organic-looking grenade from his chest at Sofia, leading to an explosion that makes the cop juggle. Dr Ingelbert dashes towards her with a kick followed by a punch that emits energy which knocks Sofia farther away.
  • A rocky, seemingly colorless region with many levitating cliffs and mountains everywhere where we see a strange pale-skinned woman with no hair levitating to the ground with three metal balls hovering around her. The scene pauses and it's coloring is filtered to blue, followed by white stencil text reading "ZEIGHALA". Two seconds later, we cut to Zeidghala in the colorless canyons jumping over Jimmy's energy projectile and telekinetically ramming one of her metal balls at him and does three hand strikes in a snake kung fu esque manner.
  • Ancient ruins in a desert area where we see sand forming into a shirtless, Middle Eastern man with black wrappings around his head. The scene pauses and it's coloring is filtered to blue, followed by white stencil text reading "AL-RAMIL". Two seconds later, we cut to Al-Ramil in the desert ruins punching Major Zion two times before forming a sword construct out of sand and swinging it down at him before turning his right hand into a spiky sand ball and swinging it at him.
Cut to the same background from before as we're treated with shaky, white stencil text nowing reading, "ALSO AVAILABLE," on top and "SUPER AMAZING" in the middle and "COMBO TECHNIQUES!" on the bottom. Cut to a montage of brutal style teases in the following order:
  • Jordan at Jerusalem rushing towards Novi and punching and kicking her.
  • Ai in the abandoned boxing ring telekinetically punching and kicking Mike.
  • Jimmy at the snowy mountain punching and kicking Dahn.
  • Ethel in the Brutal Fists arena punching and kicking Jordan.
  • Dahn in the pirate ship surrounded by an aura of blue fire flying up towards the aerial Grackalor.
  • Gang in the city streets tripping Karen onto the ground with his nun-chucks.
  • Mejad in the war-torn town grabbing Koby by his neck and flying into the air as he carries the brawler with him.
  • Koby at the badlands uppercutting Al-Ramil into the air.
  • Al-Ramil at the desert ruins impaling Mejad in his abdomen with his hand, which is in the form of a spike.
  • Jaakuna in the training ring allowing a giant talon-like claw to lash onto Draco and drag the boxer into a portal.
  • Marco in the dark caverns backflip kicking Major Zion into the air.
  • Mike at Hong Kong slashing pass Jaakuna.
  • Sofia at the Indonesian temple uppercutting Zeidghala into the air.
  • Zeidghala in the colorless canyons manipulating a wrecking ball from out of nowhere to hit Jian, sending the pirate flying.
  • Major Zion in the Chinese temple shooting at an aerial Ai with his Micro Galil gun.
  • Grackalor in the alley head butting Sofia to the ground, pushing himself off of her.
  • Piltdown in the Octagon playing his guitar, which emits soundwaves that hit Marco.
  • Jian in the nightclub firing his hand cannon at Gang.
  • An aerial Karen in the bar shooting the aerial Dr. Ingelbert down to the floor with a shot of both revolvers at the same time.
  • Draco in the underground ring socking Ethel to the ground.
  • Dr. Ingelbert in the spaceship landing Harish. under his feet onto the ground, leading to a huge explosion.
  • Novi's astral projection in a cloudy sky releasing white energy from her hands together in front of the aerial Lord Rattlesnake.
  • Harish at the Indian fort piledriving Jimmy to the ground.
  • Lord Rattlesnake at the Alamo throwing Piltdown into the air.
Afterwards, we cut to the same background from before with new text with the same font style from before now reading, "AND OF COURSE" on top and "GOOD OL' FASHION ULTRA VIOLENCE!" on the bottom. Then we cut to a montage of death finish teases in the following order:
  • Lord Rattlesnake slamming Grackalor head-on to the ground, bashing it to pieces.
  • Marco ripping an impaled Ethel apart with his spreading legs.
  • Zeidghala telekinetically ripping Dr. Ingelbert's inner organs out of his body.
  • An aerial Novi throwing a huge, Spirit Bomb like energy sphere down at Jaakuna, blowing him into pieces.
  • Sofia bashing Piltdown's head off with a stool, which also causes the stool to break into pieces.
  • Ai throwing a psionic ball at a helmetless Major Zion, blowing his head and torso (with the forearms left untouched) off into a skeleton
  • Harish swinging an open-chested Jordan by his arms, leading to Jordan's arms getting ripped off.
  • Jimmy popping Gang's head off during the guillotine chokehold.
  • Mike slicing Koby into thinly-cut pieces from the feet up.
  • Jian spilling Mejad's entrails into an open treasure chest.
  • Karen kicking the upper half of a down Al-Ramil's head off, sending it flying.
  • Draco punching Dahn across the face, twisting the Korean dude's head with a loose lower jaw around like crazy.
  • Tate, who appears behind Ethel as a giant floating face appearing to be made of wind particles, blowing Karen's entire flesh off, exposing the cowgirl's bloody muscular system.
  • Grackalor vomitting acid onto Marco's face.
  • Jordan blowing a legless Jimmy's head off with a pistol.
  • Major Zion, with his right arm impaling through Harish's abdomen, releasing blades out of his arm's shield thus slicing the Indian wrestler from the inside.
  • Piltdown pulling his bloodied guitar out of Ai from behind.
  • Dahn summoning a dragon spirit that looks to be made of blue fire that soars through Sofia's abdomen, leaving a gory hole on it.
  • Jaakuna throwing Lord Rattlesnake into a watery pit.
  • Al-Ramil decapitating Zeidghala from behind with a sword made of sand.
  • A goat-like stand that is in front of Mejad whacking Draco's torso off with its tail, sending the torso flying.
  • Novi exploding above Dr. Ingelbert into bloody and gutsy pieces that rain down onto the mad scientist.
  • Koby punching Jian head loose, as evident by the spine still attached between the pirate's head and body.
  • Gang turning around posing with metal nun-chucks with Mike behind him.
Cut to the grunge metal background with a few splats of blood on it. The logo for Brutal Fists 3 (what the logo looks like is right now up for interpretation) is present and under it is white stencil text reading "BRUTALITY RETURNS 2017!" as well as a publisher's logo, the Genisu Games logo, the Unreal logo, the Nintendo Switch logo, the PS4 logo, the Xbox One logo, and the Steam logo. A gory explosion is heard and blood splatters onto the "BRUTALITY RETURNS 2017!" text.
And there you have it! The final trailer for Brutal Fists 3 before I start the project! And yes, those four revealed newcomers were hinted at in earlier trailers (Harish Manju in Sofia Melania's, Dr. Ingelbert in Ethel Hawkwing's, Zeidghala in Jian Chongling's and Al-Ramil in Lord Rattlesnake's). Look out for Brutal Fists 3 around June!

As usual, if you have any questions or speculations regarding anything from the trailer (such as any of the newcomers, etc.), feel free to post such.:)

In the meantime, be sure to check out my current original fighting project Elemental Blitz as well as my two fan crossovers that are still in the works. (but don't expect the latter two projects to be as fast unfortunately 'cause y'know)


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